E-reader, exercise and Excel

It seems I come into an E-periode. Everything I encouter this week starts with an E.

First E-reader. I have a friend, who told me a long time ago that she realy liked het e-reader. I couldn’t believe this. I needed the smell of books, the feeling of the paper while reading. But two days ago, I bought my courses for school and I bought them as pdf. I thought that I could print the parts that I wanted or read them on my computer. But my first course was learning with Excel (another E in my blog) and I found it wasn’t that easy to shift between my course and Excel. So I bought myself an e-reader and I am very pleased with my puchase. I really like it. It is light to carry and I can take a lot of books with me everywhere I go.

Second item is exercise. I stopped running some month ago, because I had an inflamtion on my foot. I took the MOOC “Learning how to learn” on coursera.org . In this course they talk about the benefit of exercising. I know I feel better when I exercise, but I find it very hard to start with sports. I think running is a very interesting sport. You don’t need a lot of equipment to start and you can run everywhere. So when I go abroad to take a course there, I just have to take my runningshoes and I can go running. But I don’t like starting to run. Luckily I found a friend who want to go with me. Today we had our firts run. We listen to a programm “start to run” and the first training we only ran 2 minutes. We succeeded, but even the two minutes weren’t so easy. As Barbara Oackley said in the course, “practise makes permanent”, I believe this is also true for sports. Now I have to find a good ritme, while experienced runners find it more easily.

And then I come to Excel. My first course I started yesterday is analysing scientific data in Excel. The start is still easy, but it makes me eager to learn more. I can’t wait until it is February 7th, when I have my firts lecture in school. The book I bought for this course looks very interesting.


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