Friday the 13th

Today it was Friday 13th. Today was a difficult day -ok, perhaps not only today, but the entire week. But today was a matching end to this week.

I teach techinical courses in the Belgian Navy. We teach modules, this means I have to teach the whole week or nothing at all. This week was my first teaching week of the year. I felt I wasn’t very well prepared, but then again, I couldn’t send my students home.

A few MOOC’s started also this week and I really wanted to follow them, but I didn’t finish the ones I was already taking.

My husband had to stay abroad because a collegue was ill. My husband had to take his place.

You see I was already in a busy state of mind in the beginning of the week. Luckily, my course went very well. The students were pleased with my lectures. So I had a bit less stress, but because I wasn’t prepared as I wanted to be, I had to work some more in the evening. My MOOC’s had to come later. I tried to sit at my PC one hour every day, but this week I was very happy if I could spend 30 minutes studying.

Thursdays, I go to coockery school. I like it very much (but that is already one day a week I can’t spend on studying or housekeeping). So this week was no different, except that it started snowing just before class ended. By the time we came out, the world was white and the roads were slippery. It took me much longer to get home.

And today, I was the instructor that was responsable for closing the buildings. Therefor I had to stay until all the students left. When I started closing the buildings, my husband called and told me that he was much closer to home already (he comes back on a bus, but this week I had to pick him up at his work), so I dicided to stay at work to avoid doing the distance twice. A minute after taking this descission, my youngest called and told me he had forgotten his keys and could not get in. I called a neighbour and was very pleased he could find shelter from the rain there. Half a minute later my oldest texts me, my husband texts me. I felt like a relaystation of texts. Finally I managed to get everyone home so we could eat togheter.

A small lesson in a MOOC, this blog and now I hope I have a calm weekend….


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