Time management

In 2017 I had just 2 days at work. It makes it immediatly more difficult to study. There are different reasons for it.

  1. My husband is also at work, but he works abroad. This means I have to manage the housekeeping alone. I have two sons, who are old enough to discide what they want to do in their days off (it is still a schoolvacation), but are not old enough to see what needs to be done…
    So when I come home at night, I expect that they have fed the chickens or just cleaned up after themselves, but no, I have to remind them that they also promised to do this yesterday…
  2. I have to get up earlier in the morning. My bed keeps yelling at me that we just have such a good time and why do I have to break it up. Then I eat breakfast, make my lunch and leave to go to work (ok, I also get dressed…).
  3. I hoped to have some time at work to study. Since some of the courses I follow I took to get better at my work and I have the opportunity to do this. But I share my office with someone else. I would not want to interfere with whatever he is doing, so it is very hard to watch videos. I’m thinking to take headphones to work. Then I can watch the videos.
  4. When I come home, there is the shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing to do. I had to adjust my planning a lot yesterday.

These are the things I have to keep in mind when I make my plans for studying. I have to plan less hours in the week to be less discapointed that I can folwo my planning.

Another I have to keep in mind is to let my husband know that I will be studying, because today he send me a lot of messages on Whatsapp. Everytime I had to pause the video or resee it…

Maybe I should take a course on Time Management…


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