Should I write this blog?

To blog or not to blog


Blogging is a difficult activity, I think. I read soms blogs and I find it interesting and entertaining to do this.

But for myself I find it very difficult to place items online. I have a Facebookaccount, but most of the time, I just follow what my friends are up to. Every day, I think , I should be more active on social media. This tought is always followed by doubts. Is it interesting enough? Are there no privacy-issues? … So my social page stays empty…

I took a course on that is called “Learning online: managing your identity” by the University of Leeds. I learned that it becomes more important to have an online presence. So I will try to inform you of my online lessons.

I know this blog is not so good structured. I hope I don’t make too many mistakes trying to blog in English. I hope to evolve and make this an interesting blog.

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